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Friday, 20 May 2011

Alys Power at Handmade @ Ilkley

The wonderful jewellery of designer Alys Power can be found at Handmade at Ilkley on Saturday 28 May. "Found" is the operative word here as Alys' jewellery is made using materials which are reclaimed, reused, reinvented and recycled. 
These base materials are mixed with fascinating and beautiful found objects, sterling silver and semi-precious stones to create unique jewellery and accessories. 

Here is what Alys says about her work: "My work explores the challenges of turning base and 'scrap' metals and other discarded articles into objects of beauty and value. Working in a broad range of materials, I am inspired and led by the materials available and consequently many pieces are completely unique.
"Humorous, quirky and full of personality, my work maintains the look of the handmade, hammer and file marks are often left to illustrate the process each piece has gone through in its creation. The themes of my work are eclectic and varied. Often narrative, stamped words and phrases are used to expand on ideas and as decorative elements. Small found objects and pieces of reclaimed and vintage jewellery are frequently used and the notion of each piece is dictated by the materials themselves".
If you can't make it to Handmade at Ilkley at Riddings Hall, The Grove on Saturday 28 May (why not???) then you can see Alys Power's delightful jewellery at The Beetroot Tree and Design Circus or buy direct from her website Alys Power Design but we hope that you will come and meet her in person. 

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  1. Brilliant, engaging, wonderful work. Hurray for the creative mind and hands that created this!!!!!

    Well done Alys!!!!!!!!!!!